What We Do


Saint James Real Estate Advisors, LLC provides a full range of services to assist business, organization and property owners and investors in finding solutions to their real estate goals and objectives. With over 20 years of trusted industry expertise, we specialize in representing Tenants, Landlords, Buyers and Sellers in navigating the Office, Retail, Warehouse, Industrial and Flex space sectors. Our strategic approach delivers excellence in every detail to ensure our clients have the necessary tools to make the very best real estate decisions.

Tenant Representation Services

Our tenant representation services provide a comprehensive plan that considers a business’ human resources requirements, budget parameters, and operational needs. Tenant services assist our clients in the areas of relocation, renewal & expansion, lease restructuring and renegotiation by using proven methods that include:

  • Setting realistic goals and expectations
  • Defining space objectives
  • Creating a manageable timeline
  • Researching and identifying appropriate options
  • Evaluating and negotiating terms
  • Partnering with other professional service firms to deliver a comprehensive service approach. Our team includes architects, contractors, attorneys and other ancillary services.

Landlord Representation Services

Our landlord representation service provides assistance to property owners in positioning their assets to compete favorably within the market. Our method provides unparalleled exposure and timely follow-up. Landlord services include:

  • Providing extensive market research to appropriately establish lease terms
  • Identifying competing properties
  • Prospect and qualify tenants, using a direct and proven approach
  • Engage the brokerage community
  • Drive the transaction
  • Establish an effective marketing campaign

Non-profit Sector Real Estate–Its Unique Process

Saint James Real Estate Advisors specializes in assisting nonprofit organizations and community development corporations (CDC’s) with their commercial real estate and residential housing needs. We represent tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers in identifying ideal real estate opportunities and solutions and negotiating win-win transactions. Our expertise includes assisting with office and retail space needs, and Program Space, including outdoor space needs.

Leasing Non-profit vs. For-profit decision making models

We are passionate about helping non-profit entities navigate the real estate process, which is often more complex than what for-profit businesses face. Our team understands the fact that non-profits tend to have multiple, independent objectives directed across its staff, board, donors, volunteers, clients, and partners. Recognizing these distinct complexities is key to effective alignment of stakeholder interests.

Once an ideal space is identified, non-profits often employ specific service providers and partners to assist with their real estate transactions, including lenders, real estate attorneys, designers, and contractors. Over the many years of experience working in the non-profit sector, we can confidently make fitting recommendations.

Buyer/Seller Representation for Investors and Owners

Saint James Real Estate Advisors serves the investor, as well as property owner and/or user. Our entrepreneurial approach supports clients in seeking advantageous opportunities that arise from shifting rental and capital market conditions. Our real-time grasp of market factors and fundamentals through our leasing and tenant representation services enables us to evaluate each asset and affirm its value, as well as value potential, to optimize a client’s investment objectives.


Saint James Real Estate Advisors offers full-service brokerage representation, from landlords and tenants, to sellers and buyers.

Advisory Services

Saint James Real Estate Advisors provides independent and personalized commercial real estate advisory service for tenants, landlords, buyers, and sellers in the areas of:

  • Site and cost analysis
  • Development of project schedule and budget
  • Lease abstract/financial analysis
  • Due diligence

Strategic Partnering

Saint James Real Estate Advisors utilizes a team-focused approach to bring together strategic partners to deliver the best results for our clients. Service providers within our network of trusted partners include:

  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • OPM – Owner’s Project Management
  • Engineers
  • Cabling and telephone vendors
  • Office furniture selection
  • Movers
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Lenders