For-profit and Non-profit Space Search

Services Provided:    Tenant Representation Services
Project:   We launched two brokerage assignments that began during the same month. One was for a For-profit business where the CEO appointed his CFO to serve as our primary contact. The other was for a Non-profit where we were working with a committee of staff and board decision-makers, and the operations manager was our primary contact. Three months later, after a succession of space tours and negotiations, the corporation identified space and signed a letter of intent: the CEO was a swift decision-maker, who moved fast to accept the recommendation of the CFO and CFO's advisors. The CFO knew the CEO's preferences in creating the right office culture, which would also produce optimal operational efficiencies.

The Non-profit was just getting started; designing a lengthy process to involve the right stakeholders at the right junctures. Scheduled calls and meetings took time. Along the way, ideas had to be vetted across the organization- would the new space work as well for fundraising as it would for the staff and as well for the clients who benefited from their services? Making sure the right individuals had a voice in the process was the key to success. We were able to design a process that educated all stakeholders, and while the process took a bit longer, and the number of properties toured was considerable, the outcome was office space that was an ideal fit for the Non-Profit in terms of both economics, location. We were able to convince the landlord that while the nonprofit wasn't flush with cash, they will be stable tenants.